COVID-19 Updates

With feedback from the community and updated recommendations from the University of Washington and Seattle & King County Public Health, Waterhackweek leaders have decided to postpone Waterhackweek 2020 because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We deeply appreciate your input, patience, and flexibility in this difficult situation.

Waterhackweek in-person programming relies on diversity of all kinds to achieve a unique learning experience. With half of our community expressing the desire to reschedule, and several individuals that would certainly be unable to participate, holding the event this month would not help us meet our goals. Our new dates for Waterhackweek 2020 are August 31-September 4. We regret that this date may not work for everyone — it is the best we can do under these circumstances. We hope this gives you enough time to reschedule and rearrange travel plans. The new date does give us the opportunity to explore increased remote participation; further details to come.

Traveling participants: we will be in touch to help mitigate the financial impact of the postponement, including obtaining any necessary formal documentation. Let us know immediately if you are unable to cancel and be fully refunded for any flight and/or lodging bookings you’ve already made for the event.

We’ll send any additional updates via email and Slack, and will post to the Waterhackweek website. Please email Christina, Jane, and Owen at and tell us if you plan to participate during the new dates of Aug 31-Sep 4, if you will be unable to participate, or if you have any other questions.