Information for Applicants

To best benefit from the program, participants are expected to have some experience with Python programming and with analysis of water data (e.g. time series and remote sensing analysis, vector mapping, modeling, etc.). Successful applicants will pay a $100 registration fee and be expected to cover lodging and travel expenses. Financial support may be available based on need. For those who do not know Python or wish to improve their skills, we are organizing a Software Carpentry workshop Feb. 7-8, 2019 on the University of Washington campus. There is no registration fee for this event. We will also provide guidance to participants on Python and other tools through self-guided study. What to expect:

  • Peer-learning collaborations
  • New skills and tools, including the latest technology and software
  • Personalized mentorship from professional data scientists
  • Interdisciplinary applications of data tools
  • Access to an interactive library of custom tutorials
  • Dedicated time and space to explore new ideas.